We have included a few samples which illustrate the different concepts of AppWarp S2. This will help developers to get started easily with their implementation

Chat Server

This is the most basic sample. It illustrates the process of a client connecting to the server. Then joining a room and exchanging chat messages with others in the room. The sample illustrates the use of HTML5 and Corona on the client side. On the server side we extend the room logic through by implementing an extension of BaseRoomAdaptor. The extension will filter chat messages by checking against a list of banned words and not broadcasting them.. See details
chat server

Space War Fare

This is an MMO sample with a 2D Map. Clients connect and join an admin room. Once inside the room, players collect powers and bullets. There is also a server controlled dragon which the clients have to kill. This sample illustrates the use of room properties, server side game loop (timer tick) and chat messaging to communicate player positions. The sample also illustrates the use of Flash and Marmalade on the client side..
See details
space warfare

Rummy Card game

This rummy cards game sample illustrates how you can build a cards/casino style games. The players have the option of playing in a 2 player or 3 player room. It also illustrates the use of match making APIs and the ready made turn based rooms. The logic of the game is controlled on the server by extending room adaptors. It also shows how you can do custom server side authentication of clients. The client is an Android application using our Android SDK.. See details
Rummy Demo

Unity 3rd person demo

This demo is the modified version of Unity Viking Demo (3rd person MMO controller) created for AppWarp Cloud. This version of demo uses AppWarp S2 SDK.

There is a small world covered in snow, here players play as viking and can move around in the world. There is one more extra character, a simple cylindrical structure which is spawned and managed by the server. The cylinder moves on simple a linear path defined by the server in a loop. The cylinder is created and moved on server. The clients gets the real time updates about the position of cylinder and then updates the cylinder on their front-ends.. See details

Unity 3rd person demo

Quizup like Trivia Game

Quizup is a sample online quiz game, developed for Windows Phone with backend built over AppWarp S2. It illustrates how you can extend the server side to develop scenarios where players can play with their facebook friends. It also illustrates how you can use the client-side matchmaking APIs…. See details
Quizup like Trivia Game