AppWarp S2 Features

AppWarp S2 comes with many ready made backend features and APIs to support features like matchmaking, rooms, lobbies etc. out of the box!


Real-time over TCP, UDP and Websocket

The client and server communicate over a custom binary protocol to seamlessly exchange messages directly over transport layer sockets. This allows for real-time communication. All communication is done over TCP and support is also available to exchange game play data over UDP. The HTML5 Javascript SDK communicates over Websockets with the server.

Develop MMOs, casual PvPs & casino style card games

The server application can modify/extend the component’s behavior and can also perform operations on these components through their interfaces. Check out our samples with detailed walk throughs and complete source code for different scenarios. More details

Add server-side authentication for stricter admission control

The ability to perform custom user authentication on the server is important for stricter admission control. Extending the server side allows you to perform authentication with your own user management system or with 3rd party identity providers like Facebook, Google etc. More details

Hosting guides and in-house solutions

AppWarp S2 is designed to make hosting easy for developers. Our guides cover the pre-requisites for hosting the server on your own or 3rd party infrastructure. ShepHertz also offers its own hosting solution over App42PaaS designed specifically for AppWarp S2 applications. More details

100 CCUs free!

Using the AppWarp S2 game server is free for up to 100 CCUs (Concurrently Connected Users) with no paid license requirement. This means you only have to pay once your game starts commanding a high number of active users and no getting started cost. More details

Invoke RPCs on the
server from client

AppWarp S2 provides support for custom RPC(Remote Procedure Call). This allows developers to easily define their own APIs for custom matchmaking or game play scenarios. More details