Copyright (c) 2014 Shephertz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The User shall not:

  1. Copy, distribute or publish any of the documentation which describes AppWarp S2 server, except as reasonably required to explain the functions of any User Software
  2. Modify, reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive source code from AppWarp S2 server or the License File, in whole or in part
  3. Create derivative works based upon AppWarp S2 server;
  4. Unbundle, break apart or repackage AppWarp S2 server or any of its component parts for any reason whatsoever;,
  5. Use the same license key simultaneously on multiple server machines or share the license key with another party;
  6. Develop, distribute or license any User Software that is completely or substantially comprised of AppWarp S2 server; or
  7. Rent, lend, lease, license, distribute or transfer any User Software that:
  • Includes any source code of AppWarp S2 server; or
  • Is a software development kit, source code library, application (or software) framework or any software development tool that includes any elements or components of AppWarp S2 server