Difference between AppWarp S2 (on-premise) and AppWarp Cloud

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  • Complete platform for developing real-time multiplayer games of any genre.
  • Supports multiple client platforms and an easy to use server side SDK which allows you to develop full custom server-side logic.
  • Comes with a rich set of built-in gaming features such as rooms, lobbies, spectators, matchmaking etc. as well as support for TCP, UDP and Websockets protocols.
  • Server application hosting and deployment is managed by the developer.

Appwarp S2 get started

  • AppWarp cloud is great for building applications whose game play doesn’t require server side validation of client data and rely only on exchanging information between clients.
  • Multiplayer games such as side-scrolling, action combat, racing as well as simple real-time turn based games can be developed using the cloud.
  • he cloud saves you from the headache of deploying and managing the server side.
  • You just write client side business logic and utilize the ready made server side features of rooms, lobby, matchmaking etc.

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  • Games which require hosted AI, server generated characters, server-side anti-cheat logic and server side authentication are cases where developers will use AppWarpS2.
  • Casino style card games, MMO, RPG etc. are genres you will develop using AppWarpS2.
  • Since AppWarpS2 is built on top of the same platform that powers our cloud service, client SDKs used are the same and thus its also easy to port (from AppWarp cloud to AppWarpS2).
  • As developers are building and hosting the server side application themselves they can freely integrate with any 3rd party libraries as well.

Appwarp S2 get started

An instance of the server contains independent application zones. Each zone contains a lobby and multiple rooms where users interact.

Appwarp S2 get started