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AppWarp S2 Game Server

AppWarp S2 is an on-premise Real-time Multiplayer game server solution. AppWarp S2 empowers developers to build MMOs, casual PvPs, casino style card games and much more! Its designed for high performance and is based on the same engine that powers our popular AppWarp cloud offering.
  • A server side API is also provided through which developers can customize and extend the server side behavior.
  • Client-side SDKs for all popular platforms also provided to connect and interact with the game server.

What’s in it for you

AppWarp S2 comes with many ready made backend features and RPCs to support features like
matchmaking, rooms, lobbies etc. out of the box!   Learn More
Comprehensive samples and development guides
Build and host your own customized gaming server XYZ
100 CCUs free!
Appwarp S2
Develop MMOs & casino style card games
Add server-side authentication for stricter admission control
Invoke RPCs on the server from client

How does it work

AppWarp S2 game server is composed of intuitive components (game room, zones etc.) that your application uses to interact with your game clients. The server application can modify/extend the component’s behavior through their interfaces and adaptors. The client side SDKs are used to interact with these server components from the client-side game application running on the end-user’s device. Learn More